I need help with a thesis statement that works up to forty pages… please see below
The Formal Thesis Proposal must be approved before moving forward with any other steps in the literature review. The proposal includes the title, thesis statement, and a description of what you are going to research and why you are researching it. It also includes an explanation of what you anticipate learning, how it applies to your professional interests, and its relevance to the field of psychology.
The proposal should be between 5-7 pages. A title page, reference page, and general APA formatting are required. Please ensure that current (within the last ten years) scholarly resources are used to support your position.
Please note that once the Formal Thesis Proposal is approved, topic changes are not permitted.
Proposal requirements include the following sections:

Statement of Problem

State the focus of your thesis. What problem will you be addressing?
Explain the importance of study. Why are you doing it?

Context of Problem

Examine existing literature to establish a brief review of important work done in the field. (3-4 academic sources)
Define key terms and theories

Relevance to field of Psychology

Explain how this literature review will contribute to the field of psychology and why it is important to study

Relevance to Student’s Professional Interests

Explain how this literature review will contribute to the student’s professional interests


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