This project offers you opportunity to interview someone coming from a different (national) culture.

This project offers you opportunity to interview someone coming from a different (national) culture. You will find someone coming from a different culture to conduct the interview with. During this interview, you will invite your interviewee to talk about his/her experience moving from their home culture to the US and how they’ve settled down here. When it is your turn to be the interviewee, you can adjust the following suggested questions as much as possible to share your experience travelling abroad, or some of your thoughts and ideas you had towards your interviewee’s home culture.

When you interview your partner, you are encouraged to select questions from the following list:

1) Do you still remember your first day here? What had been exciting and what had been unexpected?

2) How long have you been in the US now? What has been the highlight and what do you enjoy most? What has been frustrating? Do you have any stories to tell?

3) What would be a typical day back in your home country and how would you compare it to a typical day you have here?

4) Let’s go back to the days when you made decision to move over to the US. What had been the motivations for you to move? Would you make similar decision again? Or would you rather not? How would you imagine your life back in your home country if you hadn’t come?

5) What was your impression about American culture before you came? How was that impression formed? Did you found those impressions accurate or not after you got here? Is there anything here that you feel that one has to be here in order to learn or feel?

6) What do people here know about your home culture? What could be one impression that is accurate? What could be one impression that is not accurate? What do you think can be the reason for either case?

Not every culture values an elaborative communication style. To encourage details, skillful interviewers usually follow up with the original question to get the conversation going.

Your journal is not your interview transcript, however. Instead of reading the verbatem of what you talked about, I want to know how you relate your interview back to the worldviews of yours and your interviewee’s culture. I want to know how you compare and contrast between those and identify both similaries and differences.

You will respond to the following:

World views (5 pt)

What are the eight pairs of world view continuum?Please cite their definitions from the textbook.

Please identify one pair of world view continuum that you believe have been reflected through your interview.

Communication anecdotes (10 pt)

Please raise one communication anecdote between you and your interview partner as your example for this world view continuum. You need to provide a detailed description of this anecdote.

Please explain whether the example demonstrates the similarities between you on the world view continuum, or the differences exhibited between the two ends along the continuum.

Research on your chosen continuum (30 pt)

Please conduct research by using library academic database to locate academic journal articles that also examines your chosen continuum;

Please provide the summary of your identified academic source: who was the author? who published this report? what was the research all about? What do we know from this research?

Please relate this source back to your analysis of the chosen continuum. Does this source resonate with your analysis? Does this source challenge or disagree with your analysis?

Intercultural communication competency (5 pt)

Please relate back to the definition of intercultural communication competency we introduced in this class.

Please explain how the interview and research experience may help raise the level of your intercultural communication competency.

The paper needs to be 900-1,200 words, with correct APA citation format.

Rubric for the Interview Analysis Paper (50 pt)


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