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Quality is a critical component of operations management. However, it is seldom examined from a Christian worldview. How would you define quality? Demonstrate your insight on quality in operations from a Biblical worldview using the following scriptures, Gen. 1:1-27, Col. 3:17, and 2 Chron. 2:1-10.
– 200-300 words
– at least two references
This weeks study ———————–
Management of Quality
This week we will look at philosophies and tools that can be used to achieve high quality and continually improve quality. Quality is the culmination of efforts of the entire the organization and its supply chain. We’ll begin with a careful assessment of what the customers want, then translating this information into technical specifications to which goods or services must conform. The specifications guide product and service design, process design, production of goods and delivery of services, and service after the sale or delivery.
We’ll see how modern quality management is directed at preventing mistakes rather than finding them after they occur and reducing process output variation. Currently, the business community shows widespread interest in improving quality and competitiveness.
Quality Control
This week, we’ll also review the inspection and statistical process control. Inspection means examining the output of a process to determine whether it is acceptable. Key issues in inspection include where to inspect in the process, how often to inspect, and whether to inspect on-site or in a laboratory.
By the end of this week, students will be able to:

Define, explain, and discuss quality that incorporates a Biblical worldview.

Operations ManagementMcGraw-Hill Education; 13thedition (February 15, 2017) by William J Stevensone-copyTextbook with Connect access code: ISBN13: 978-1259948206
Read: Stevenson, Chapters 9-10
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