Discussion 10 WEEK 13

Trace the history of cannabis use and its effect on health (select one current article from a nursing journal on the benefits and/or hazards of smoking cannabis).

1. Who are the stakeholders both in support of and in opposition to medicinal cannabis use?

2. What does current medical/nursing research say regarding the increasing use of medicinal cannabis.

3. What are the policy and future practice implications based on the current prescribed rate of cannabis?

Reflection WEEK 14


Complete this week’s assigned readings, chapters 86,87,89. After completing the readings, post a short reflection, approximately 1 paragraph in length, discussing your thoughts and/or professional concerns about one or several of the specific topics covered in the textbook readings. pertaining to politics in associations and interest groups. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your selected topic in your discussionDiscussion Board Rubric.docx


As a reminder, no scholarly sources are required and students do not have to reply to a classmate’s original post. This post does not have an end date but please make an effort to complete your post before next week’s discussion post is posted and/or due in order to avoid falling behind.

Discussion 11 WEEK 15

Research a current news item (newspaper/online article, tv news show, etc.) on human trafficking in the Miami area or elsewhere and analyze how human trafficking is reported via the media. Is this news item a blame narrative? Is the language exploitive or sensitive to the victim? Does the news item provide any public health or health information? If not, discuss briefly key public health information pertaining to human trafficking that you as an advanced practice nurse would like to provide to the public.

Discussion Board Rubric.docx


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