trauma informed social work practice see the question below

Length: 5 – 6 pages double spaced, not including title page. APA formatting.
Trauma Informed practice (TIP) specifically avoids retraumatizing both those who seek services and those who are providing the services. The TIP model puts “Safety First” and commits to “do no harm” and this includes how we navigate bearing witness to people who have experienced trauma. This assignment gives you the opportunity to examine the potential gifts and challenges of working with people who have been traumatized. You are being invited to locate yourself in relation to personal and professional trauma exposure and to think about your needs in relationship to trauma and trauma informed practice.
To support your assignment, you can use: journal articles, the text books, experience from practice, and recommended websites.
1) Reflection (3-4 pages): There are many ways that we, as social workers can be impacted by the trauma of others. Part of managing trauma exposure is developing reflective practice that will help you to be aware of times when you are struggling so that you can access supports and make helpful changes for yourself.
a) Begin this assignment by reflecting on your experience with trauma in your life and work so far. Think about how your own experiences of trauma (if that has been part of your story). Include the challenges and the gifts of trauma. You can think about trauma from a personal and systemic perspective. You do not have to describe specific incidents of trauma. Instead, summarize your experiences (or lack of experiences) and talk about what that means for you as a social worker.
b) Then think about your experiences with trauma exposure as social work student or in your work/volunteer experience. Talk about the impact of trauma exposure for you (both positive and negative impacts). What has this been like for you so far? How has this exposure influenced or affected your practice?
2) Sustainability plan (2 pages) – what do you need for support for yourself as a person and as a practitioner? Be specific in your planning. (Consider: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, relationship, workplace, overall balance).
a) When will you know that you need help?
b) What are your sources of help?
c) What is it like for you to ask for help?
d) What may get in the way of implementing your plan?
e) What is it like to purposefully develop a sustainability plan for your social work practice?

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