Twentieth century | History homework help

 As part of our study of music from the Twentieth era, you will introduce the composer of your choice based on the Twentieth Century PowerPoint (Slides 1-15).
The project is chunked into two assignments.

Assignment #1: Complete the necessary research for the composer.
Assignment #2: Five-paragraph essay about the life and music of your composer based on the research you completed.

Assignment #1 – Research
Find the answers to the following questions.

What is the full name of your composer?
When and where was your composer born?
When and where did your composer die?
When did your composer become interested in music?
Did your composer come from a musical family?
What (if any) musical training did your composer have?
Was your composer married?
Did your composer have children?
What did your composer do for a living?
Did your composer do anything other than compose music during his lifetime?
What is an important fact about your composer’s life?
What are some important pieces of music your composer wrote? List at least three and tell why they are important.
Why is your composer still remembered today?
What is one quality you admire about this composer and his music?
If you could meet this composer today, what is one question you would ask him?

Assignment #2 – Five-Paragraph Essay
After completing the research and preparing your presentation, you have all the materials necessary to create a five-paragraph essay about your composer. Please organize your essay in the following manner.

Paragraph 1 – IntroductionMaterial in this paragraph should come from your research to questions 1 – 3 in Assignment #1. Be sure to introduce the information you will be sharing in the body of your essay.
Paragraph 2 – Body of essayThis paragraph should cover the personal life of your composer. Using your responses to questions 4 – 11, create a quality overview of your composer’s life.
Paragraph 3 – Body of essayThis paragraph will cover the musical works of your composer. Your responses to question 12 will give you the material to create this paragraph.
Paragraph 4 – Body of essayThis paragraph will discuss the lasting contribution your composer made to music history and why they are remembered still today. Your response to question 13 will be the basis for this paragraph.
Paragraph 5 – ConclusionThis paragraph will summarize the ideas you have presented in your essay. You may or may not choose the ideas you created in response to questions 14 and 15.


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