Please keep in mind that the strongest historical essays pay close attention to the chronology of events. An essay that moves back and forth in time period is generally a disorganized essay, so I would suggest you try your best to keep your events and examples in chronological order.
1. Is it important to understand the works of Greek and Roman thinkers in order to understand the intellectual achievements of the Late Middle Ages, The Renaissance or the Early Modern period in European history? Are some works more important than others? Would these later achievements have been possible without knowledge of the Greeks or the Romans?
3. How important is religion to the history of Europe from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period? Was religion a progressive factor in making Europe what it was, or was it perhaps regressive in some respects? Keep in mind that you do not have to cover the entire history of religion in Europe but discuss at least three different periods/examples where you can discuss this question with a focus on the period since our midterm exam.
You are to write two essays of at least 850 words each (1700 words in total). At the end of each essay you should write down the word count.
You should use short quotations and references from the texts and readings to illustrate specific points or arguments you are making.

Keep in mind that the strongest essays will include material from multiple sessions. Use materials from at least two sessions for each essay, preferably three or more if you can.
SOURCES:Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, and King Philip IV, General Assembly of Paris (Sources, 250)

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