Employing skills learned throughout the semester, students will write a research paper
incorporating summarized and directly quoted material from at least five (5) varied types of
sources into an organized, well-documented six- to eight-page research paper with a focused
thesis statement.
In the paper, students will . . .
Describe the work of art in detail in the first body paragraph
Explain why and how it is important to San Diego or the greater art community
Argue that the work of art must be preserved, protected, and/or restored.
Within the paper, students must also employ skills practiced throughout the semester to
incorporate a counter-argument and refute it with convincing evidence. Students might consider
beginning the paper with the counter-argument and developing body paragraphs as the
In the conclusion, remind readers of your main point—that the work of art must be kept because
it is important to San Diego—and persuade readers to take action in a “call to action” to protect
When writing the paper, create a logical audience: a board of trustees whose job it is to decide
which buildings and public works of art deserve to be protected and preserved and how much
money will be spent to do so.

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