Please read the summative assignment carefully, this is what you have to work on. The company is Uniqlo. There is a structure on page 3 of the summative assignment, please follow it. Also, I have done the formative assignment, please have a look at the feedback and edit on it. You can keep the part that is good ( just copy and paste the good sentences) and please make changes according to the feedback. The first four sections of the formative report is very similar to the summative report. There is also feedback at the end of the consultancy report, please have a look and make changes to it as well. You have to do research on it as some information in it is not right. The consultant’s report is used for writing the business report. Please put it at the appendix.

Also, I have an idea that is VR clothes fitting but i didn’t mention it in the formative report. I have attached something on the VR. Please free feel to generate your own ideas, you may not use the ones mentioned in my formative report, as i think that was not well-written. And i forgot to mention the artist collaboration ( this should be a strength for Uniqlo?). There are also some readings and workshop powerpoints for you to read, so you will have a better understanding of the course and what you are supposed to do. Thank you.


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