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Please make sure that it is your own work and not copy and paste off of someone else work. Please watch out for spelling errors and grammar errors. Please read the study guide. Please use the APA format 6th or 7th edition. This is a DBA course and needs to be done on this level. I have attached the REM Case Study History.
Book reference: Johnson, C. E. (2019). Organizational ethics: A practical approach (4th ed.). SAGE. https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/ 9781506361765 
Your assignment for this unit is to complete an annotated bibliography of research concerning ethical issues in marketing and ethical marketing standards. When conducting your research, consider the Rogers Engineering and Manufacturing (REM) Case Study Scenario. For a refresher, click here to access the REM Case Study History document, and click here to access the Unit II Case Study Scenario. As a business consultant to the organization, you will use this information in helping to resolve issues in the organization.
Your annotated bibliography should contain at least five peer-reviewed journal sources, three of which must come from the CSU Online Library. All sources must be less than 5 years old. Each annotation should contain the components listed below. Provide the full reference citation in APA format. Provide an article summary of the key points of the article. Provide a concise annotation with a thorough summary of the type of source, topic, argument, rationale, or interpretation.
Your completed annotated bibliography should be at least three pages in length. Resources
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment. Citation Guide CSU Online Library Research Guide Submit Writing Center Request


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