Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. One of the references must come from Sue, D. W., & Sue, D. (2016). You are expected to include at least one scholarly and peer-reviewed resource outside of those provided in the readings for each discussion post. I need this completed by 05/9/18 at 5pm.
Please thoroughly read the Discussion Posting and Response Rubric attached to evaluate both the posts and responses. There are four components evaluated for each Discussion Post and Response.

Responsiveness to Discussion Question /9

Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Synthesis /9

Professionalism of Writing /5

Responsiveness to Peers /9

To get the highest grade possible, ask yourself if you have SURPASSED the following standards as you re-read your posts BEFORE submitting them:

Responsiveness: For the Main Post: Did I answer the entire question? Is it on time? Does the answer demonstrate that I have read the material for the week and really thought about it?

Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Synthesis: Does my post demonstrate my ability to apply, reflect, AND synthesize concepts and issues presented in the weekly learning 0bjectives? Have I integrated and mastered the general principles, ideas, and skills presented? Do my reflections include a clear and direct correlation to authentic examples or are they drawn from professional experience? Do my insights demonstrate significant changes in awareness, self-understanding, and knowledge?

Professionalism of Writing: Do my posts meet graduate-level writing expectations (e.g., are clear, concise, and use appropriate language; make few errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax; provide information about sources when paraphrasing or referring to it; use a preponderance of original language and directly quote only when necessary or appropriate)? Are my postings courteous and respectful when offering suggestions, constructive feedback, or opposing viewpoints?

Virtual Field ExperienceTM RecapReflect back on the VFE® you viewed last week, which illustrated the effective use of affirmative or cognitive behavioral interventions. The VFEs® also highlighted the effective use of multicultural competencies.
If you only viewed one VFE® to complete your Application Assignment last week, please view the other VFE® listed in the Learning Resources for this week’s discussion. What information did you gain from this experience? What insights did you have after viewing the VFEs®? What information might you apply to your future counseling practice?
For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and reflect back on the VFE® you chose last week. You may view it again along with the other VFE® you did not select. Consider the influence this VFE® observation experience might have on your future work with clients.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 3 a summary of the insights you had or the information you gained from viewing the VFEs®. Explain how these insights or this information might assist you in your future counseling practice.Support your responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and current literature.
Required Resources
· Hays, P. A. (1995). Multicultural applications of cognitive-behavior therapy. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 26(3), 309–315.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
· AMCD multicultural counseling competences. (1996). Retrieved from
· Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012i). Virtual Field ExperienceTM: Affirmative therapy. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 42 minutes.
Accessible player –Downloads– Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript
· Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012h). Virtual Field ExperienceTM: Adaptation of CBT. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 38 minutes.
Accessible player –Downloads– Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript


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