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Water use and availabilityConsider all of the details presented regarding water use and availability. Did anything particularly stand out to you in your readings? For the forum this week, we will revisit the concept of assessing the quality of aquatic systems. Review the readings specific to habitat quality and then conduct some research in the APUS Library presenting the application of an index of biological integrity, a multi-metric index, or some type of condition index (there are many different names for these types of quality or condition indexes). Summarize the actual index (e.g., how many metrics are there, what is the target biological community, does the index focus on physical or chemical parameters, how is the index calculated, etc.), and address how this index is being used to access aquatic health. [This research should help you in finishing up the Case Study 2 assignment due this week, since you will all be calculating an index based on the macroinvertebrate community data provided with that assignment.] For the forum, are there any graphics you can share to help us understand the index? Be sure to use an academic, peer reviewed scientific source from the APUS Library (link on left column menu) in order to complete this forum.Link: http://youtu.be/wZ3PX5An544Library Link: http://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/index.htm?sso=b016f9841dd2679e97b33b58106ad691
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