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Weapons as the end to conflict
Most people think of weapons as part of the process of conflict. Weapons keep the enemies from taking territory or imposing their political, cultural, and economic values on others. Weapons are generally thought of as instruments of destruction and death. But, what if technology could be used to make a weapon that could end a conflict? Instead of the usual destructive nature of weapons, in this Discussion you are asked to consider how a weapon might create peace. For example, if two nations were at war over food supplies, the enemy of both nations would be hunger. So, think about using a weapon against hunger, and not against other humans who wanted to eat. Depending on the geography and level of development of the nations in conflict, technology could be used to design an effective weapon against the mutual enemy of hunger. In an arid region, this might mean building a dam to create a reservoir to irrigate the land. In an arctic region, perhaps the weapon would be greenhouses in which to raise food.

Investigate any conflict or war that is currently going on anywhere in the world.
Describe the parties and the basic reason for the conflict. Then, design a weapon that you believe would end the conflict.
What does the weapon look like? What is it made of?
What does the weapon do?
Will special training be needed to operate it?
What are the potential negative outcomes for non-governmental persons or property if this weapon is used?

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