Week 3, Chat 2: Strategic Financial Management Week 3 Chat Topics Healthcare Budgets Types of Budgets Salary and Capital budgets Resource Allocation…

You are the CFO of a 400-bed hospital in Texas and having trouble with your bottom line and staying within budget. As part of your continued efforts to train your department directors/ supervisors and board on understanding cost and how it is used in the decision process, you have set up classes to explain major concepts of cost. You will address the following areas in your presentation:

Explain the concept of management control and how budgeting is used as part of it
Describe the concept of zero-base budgeting.
Explain how benchmarking is performed at the department level.   ****I do not need you to do the power point I can do it. I just need the content. I also need speaker notes. I will need 8-10 slides that do not include the title page. Attached is two power points my instructed completed with details that my help you.

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