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hist since 1877May 26, 2021

Week 3 Discussion  Hayden, Mozart, the Enlightenment, and Child Prodigies:  Please answer all of the following questions as part of your initial post and then reply to at least one classmate.  

Listen to one (1) composition (for a symphony) by Haydn or Mozart. Identify the work that you listened to, then tell us  how a computer could write better music see http://newatlas.com/creative-artificial-intelligence-computer-algorithmic-music/35764/ 
Mozart was considered a child prodigy, performing throughout Europe.  Cite your views on child stars and explain the impact of early success on a person with exceptional talent by mentioning a modern child star or genius (math or science or computers) whose rise and fall mirrors Mozart’s. Look over these power points about Mozart’s life to see what happened to him.


  Read over your classmates’ posts and try to chose a star no one else has selected.

Classical Music and computer music links

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