Midterm Assessment – Literary Analysis (Points: 200; Due: Thursday noon) ** APA format
Please use third person point of view on this assignment. This means you can only use he/she/it/they pronouns.
Select any assigned reading from the Week 4 Required Reading List (reading list is attached) and create a 2-3 page (500 word minimum) literary analysis essay.
PLEASE Explore how the writer used specific literary elements to allow readers to engage the concept of ‘coming to terms’ in a deep and meaningful way.
In this type of essay, you will need to directly engage the text by providing short direct quotes from the reading in each supporting paragraph that highlights or emphasizes the literary element you are discussing. Remember to cite those passages using APA format. Do not quote large blocks of text. Limit yourself to one cited sentence for every 5 sentences of paragraph.
You may focus the entire paper on one literary element or select a different literary element for each supporting paragraph. One example of organization:
Introduction that ends with a thesis statement.
Supporting paragraph 1: Focused on symbolism.
Supporting paragraph 2: Focused on irony.
Supporting paragraph 3: Focused on setting.


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