week 5 assignment part 1 of 2

NSG/514: Health Law, Policy, Ethics, And Global Trends

Assignment Content

Assignment Content
To analyze an issue is to understand the problem and context of the problem. Nurses engage in policy analysis through the creation of policy briefs, which promote awareness of the problem, and provide context of the problem, resolution options and their pros and cons, and a recommended solution. Nurses use policy briefs to communicate issues and solutions to government policy analysts.Read the2016 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality websiteReview the updated data andidentify a possible meaningful policy change to improve care, lower costs, and reduce health disparities in your current role and place of practice, or the role you are pursuing. You will use this issue as you complete your policy brief.Search the Internet for the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses Health Policy Tool Kit andexplore the toolkit.Research the policy change further andwrite 1,400-word paper.An Introduction and Conclusion is required. The paper is to include the following with headings in bold below to clearly identify each bullet point.

Underlying issue
At least 2 specific alternative resolutions
Positive Consequences of each resolution
Negative Consequences of each resolution
Cost of each resolution – Resolution Costs
Financial Implications of each resolution – 4 separate paragraphs for each of the 4 bullet points
Quality of care
Patient outcomes
Ethical Considerations for each resolution
Legal and regulation Considerations of each resolution Legal and Regulation Consideration for Resolutions
Include one legal case as supporting evidence for each resolution. – Clearly Identify
Include one existing regulation as supporting evidence for each resolution. – Clearly identify

Cite at least three scholarly articles, one of which can beHealth Policy and Politics, to support your findings.Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Review the APA Sample Paper in Announcements.

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