week 5 dq 1 and dq 2 second set of posts

please if you could answer within 100-150 each reply. Thank you once again :).

DQ 1: Pamela,
Outlines help individuals gather material for content being studied. According to Aims Community College (2018), outlines support writers with categorizing main points of the paper. The process also helps develop paragraphs to smoothly transition from one idea to the next (Aims Community College, 2018). Outlines also help grasp thesis, main idea of each paragraph, and evidence to support main point (Aims Community College, 2018). Based on the outline, individuals successfully communicate objective of the presentation, while meeting requirements of the assignment. Moreover, individuals use the information from the outline to develop key notes in guiding explanation of visual presentation. For example, Powerpoint presentations entail bullets of key points to help presenter to remember how to explain objectives of the presentation. Moreover, itâ€s imperative to detect type of audience and determine use of language and written words. For example, individuals presenting to other professionals would implement professional use of language. Presenting to individuals with no knowledge of topic, should integrate clear and precise expressive and written language, therefore, negating confusion. Objectively, viewing audience as no experience on topic, best describes how presenters should communicate information.
DQ 2: Christina,
Public scientific lectures can educate the public about all types of issues in health care and other issues. Positives are these lectures can be presented to a large audience therefore educating many people at one time. Learners who like to learn by listening can learn more easily from this type of education rather than reading. The information can be specifically organized to meet the learners needs and the learners do not have to participate other than listening and taking notes if needed. If a subject is a complex one this type of learning may not be best. It is shown most learners lose attention after fifteen to twenty minutes. Also, not everyone learns at the same pace or has the same level of understanding and for people who are visual learners it may not be an effective way for them to learn.

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