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Week 5 Programmatic AssessmentPSY/410 Version 4
University of Phoenix MaterialWeek Five Programmatic AssessmentScenarioAbby is a 20-year-old female college student. For at least the last 3 months, Abby has experiencedongoing anxiety and worry without a specific cause for these feelings. She has been restless and hasnoticed that her muscles feel tense and that these symptoms are beginning to affect her behavior in away that is causing her to become distressed and that is preventing her from being able to complete hernormal tasks. Abby correctly believed that it was normal to feel a little anxious sometimes; however, asthe semester has progressed, she has not begun to feel significantly more comfortable.On the recommendation of a friend, Abby visited the university’s counseling center and talked to Dr.Smith. Dr. Smith was warm and welcoming and, after discussing the limits of confidentiality with Abby andobtaining informed consent, encouraged Abby to describe her concerns. Dr. Smith listened attentively andasked Abby a few questions. They both agreed on an appointment date and time for the next week. Dr.Smith gave Abby a homework assignment to keep a written log of the negative thoughts or assumptionsshe has during the week and the circumstances under which those thoughts occurred. Abby was asked tobring the log with her to her next appointment.
Short-Answer QuestionsAnswer the following questions based on the scenario above. Answers should be short and concise.1. Which DSM-5 disorder matches the symptoms Abby is reporting?2. Which theoretical model does the homework assigned by Dr. Smith match?3. If Dr. Smith recommended medications only, which theoretical model would this match?4. If Dr. Smith recommended medications in addition to therapy, which theoretical model would thismatch?5. If Dr. Smith completed a free association exercise with Abby, which theoretical model would thismatch?6. If Dr. Smith used unconditional positive regard in the treatment, which theoretical model would thismatch?7. If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby reported the following:She had been in a car accident where she feared for her life. She had sleep disturbances includingnightmares and became uncomfortable at the thought of driving, to the point that she avoided driving.She now believes she is a horrible driver, although her friends assure her this is not true. If thesesymptoms have lasted for longer than a month, which DSM-5 disorder label might match hersymptoms?8. If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby reported the following:Every day for the past 2 weeks she felt down or sad for most of the day, had noticed an increase inher appetite, had been unable to sleep or concentrate, and felt tired. Additionally, this was interferingwith her goals and tasks, and she reported that she had never felt manic or hypomanic. Which DSM-5disorder label might match her symptoms?
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Week 5 Programmatic AssessmentPSY/410 Version 49. If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby reported the following:Every day for at least the past week she felt irritable with persistently increased energy andtalkativeness, was easily distracted, did not seem to need sleep, and noticed that this behavior wasinterfering with her job. She reported that she has felt these symptoms before in her past and that shehas also felt depressed sometimes. Which DSM-5 disorder label might match her symptoms?10. If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby reported the following:Throughout her life, she has always been suspicious of others. She reports that sh
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