Prompt: Walden University’s doctoral programs are designed to help students develop the skills needed to grow as professionals. What are some skills you want to develop in your doctoral program at Walden? What will these skills allow you to do, and how will they help you grow as a professional?
By Day 7 of Week 2
Write a 1-page (approximately 350 words), double-spaced personal essay in response to the prompt above.  To present your strongest writing skills, submit an essay which:
· Provides a focused and clear central idea which responds to the assignment prompt with developed ideas;
· Organizes ideas with paragraphing and transitions;
· Uses grammar and mechanics to effectively communicate meaning to readers;
· Maintains academic integrity by demonstrating your original work. Using outside sources is not required for this essay; if you use them, however, then you must cite any information you paraphrase or quote.
For additional tips as you draft and revise your essay, visit the Tips for Writing the Doctoral Writing Assessment Essay webpage and the Writing Center website. Note, however, that this assignment is not eligible for the Writing Center’s paper review service.
he excitement of being a new manager has started to wear off.  Your boss is pressuring you because you need your team to work faster.  You need to find a way to motivate them!  Based on your psychology class, you realize that you have two choices.
CHOICE 1 – Praise.  You could focus on those who do really well and praise them for their success. There will be a bulletin board that highlights those employees with the best performance.
CHOICE 2 – Pay.  For those employees who produce more ,they get paid more.  The top 5% get a big raise.
Which choice do you make?  This is really important because your end of year bonus depends on your team’s productivity.  In your discussion post, share which choice you make and how that connects to what you have learned about motivation.

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