What are the Legal Implications of Advanced Practice Nursing?

Topic 1: Application of Standards of Care Choose a case study example is Case Study 1 : Wrongful Death by Howard Carpenter on Behalf of Wilma Carpenter, Deceased..Or Case Study 2: Malpractice Action brought by Yolanda Pinnelas. Look at the legal malpractices involved in the case study. Describe the case and discuss the standard of care that the parties will be held to in this case. How will the standards of care and the Nurse Practice Act be applied in a court of law if the case is sued?
Topic 2: Clinical Criteria for Determining Danger to Self
A 45-year-old wife of one of the staff physicians was admitted to the emergency room. She is intoxicated and loud. Her husband wants her admitted to the psychiatric unit. He has asked to have two other physicians that are his friends to sign the paper work to admit her. In New York State where the hospital is located two physicians can admit a patient against their will if they are a danger to themselves or others. You happen to be a neighbor and know that the couple is going through a divorce and the husband wants custody of the two children. You also know he is dating a nurse on another unit.
Differentiate between the ethical and legal implications of her admission. What actions will you take? Support your decisions with legal reasoning and case law.
Textbook Readings
Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics

Chapter 2: “Regulation of Nursing Practice”
Chapter 4: “Standards of Care”
Chapter 20: “Abusive Situations”
Chapter 22: “Restraints”
Chapter 23: “Emergency Psychiatric Admissions”
Chapter 49: “Reporting Illegal, Unethical, or Unsafe Conduct”

Web Resources
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Journal Readings

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Web Resources


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