Have you agreed access to this sample/how will you access your sample? This portfolio exercise is part of your Module 4 assignment. Portfolio Exercise 6 Ethical Considerations (1000 words) All research raises ethical issues. This is the case throughout the research, not simply in the early stages. • Drawing on what you have learned from this section, outline in what ways your research raises ethical issues and how you plan to address these. It is a requirement of the University of Leicester that you complete the Research Ethical Review (RER) and receive approval before conducting any research. You cannot proceed with the dissertation until ethical clearance has been obtained. To do this, you will need to complete the RER once you have received feedback on your Module 4 assignment. The feedback will identify where to locate the RER and who you need to send it to. Please contact the Centre directly if you have any questions about the ethics form. Please note that if you make any potentially significant changes to your proposed research in the course of working with your supervisor, you may need to submit a new form. If you do plan to change elements such as the research methods, the sample or if your access changes, please contact your supervisor immediately. This portfolio exercise is part of your Module 4 assignment. Portfolio Exercise 7 Techniques (1500-2000 words) Having read about some research techniques available to you we want you to consider the following questions: • What research techniques do you intend to use in your dissertation? (remember that you can use more that one). • Why have you chosen to use these techniques? • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques you have chosen? • What literature on research methods has led you to believe that this/these would be the best approach for your dissertation? • How do you propose to analyse the data you have collected?


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