Please adapt the paper to coincide with the instructions listed here as references ONLY? Strictly monitored for inaccuracies. Must retain the scholarly, well written college level content as informed article on the three chosen specific topics within the book and not a book report! 4-6 pages

New Paper #2 PROPOSED TITLE: The Society of the Old South History IMPORTANT NOTE:

You May only make Use of the following materials listed; (3) readings & two books resources ONLY (but Northup’s “Twelve Years A Slave” primarily):

Twelve Years A Slave, by Solomon Northrup, (BOOK)

The South: A Concise History, VOL 1, by Jeanette Keith,  chapter 2. (BOOK)

Select documents: Letters of William Gilmore Simms, 1826 (READING)

Forrest McDonald and Grady McWhiney, “The Antebellum Southern Herdsman: A Reinterpretation,” Journal of Southern History 41, no. 2 (May 1975): 147-166. (READING)

Dennis C. Rousey, “Aliens in the WASP Nest: Ethnocultural Diversity in the Antebellum Urban South,” Journal of American History 79, no. 1 (June 1992): 152-164.(READING)


1. What details about the society of the Old South, at least in the history of the state of Louisiana, does Solomon Northup reveal in his narrative Twelve Years a Slave? Please make note of the geographical location of Louisiana??

2. Pick three from among the subjects discussed in the readings (listed above) for this part of the course:



Life of slaves

Life of southern white

Class distinctions among whites

The urban-rural divide

Transportation in the South,




For each of the three subjects you choose, utilizing and citing the historical information of the content in the articles/ readings, discuss how Northup portrays each of those 3 subjects (of your choice), in his narrative? Citing its placement in the assigned content resources listed for this assignment? ONLY!

4-6 pages

The old south history in Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

1. Details of the Old South in relation to Louisiana

Solomon Northup in his book Twelve Years a Slave narrates of a man thrown into the life of slavery despite being born a free man within American. Northup is born in Minerva, New York State in 1808. However, in 1841 at the age of 33 years he is kidnapped and taken to the Washington D.C slave market where he is smuggled into the state of Louisiana as a slave for 12 years. Taylor, (1960, 36) confirms that over 270,000 Negroes were captured and illegally smuggled into United States as slaves between the year 1808 and 1860. South Carolina became the main route for smuggling goods and slaves into Louisiana through Charleston (Shugerman, 2002, 282). Solomon Northup gives an elaborate picture of his slave life in the Louisiana gulf state as an educated and skilled slave.

The smuggling of slaves was brought by the abolition of foreign slave trade within the Orleans territory in 1808. This caused a shortage of slave laborers within the Louisiana plantation economy. The gulf coast of Louisiana was supported by a plantation culture where cash crops such as rice, sugarcane, cotton and indigo were planted. The cotton boom led to the introduction of the cotton gins to increase production. Cotton production and exports went up by 11,000% between the years 1790 and 1795 (Shugerman, 2002, 283). Farmers sought for more slaves to reduce the high labor cost. Without these slaves the plantation economy would be non-existent

Jefferson’s purchase of Louisiana from the French attempted to revive African slave trade using the African apprentice bill. This bill led to a further smuggling of 2,500 free and skilled Africans into Louisiana. Slave merchants like J.H. Birgham were authorized into importing more slaves under the indenture laws (Shugerman, 2002). Northup alludes to this concept in his book twelve years slave. For example, Northup is sold to Tibeats due to his carpentry skills and business acumen. These highly skilled slaves were used to improve the level of production by working on special roles such as slave drivers.


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