What is the idea of parsimony in your own words?

The 5 page paper in the module by Meir et al. 2007, College Students’ Misconceptions about Evolutionary Trees, describes an education
experiment in which a set of questions was given to college students in both lower and mid-level (3000 level) evolution courses. The
paper identifies 4 key misconceptions prevalent across study participants related to trees of life.
Please read the attatched article and:
A) List the four major misconceptions students had and briefly describe what they are (I suggest looking up key terms and
B) Answer these 3 questions based on yourself:
To what extent do you understand how to create and read a tree of life?You probably have some background from General Biology, but what is still the most challenging aspect of phylogenetic trees for
you, if any?What is the idea of parsimony in your own words?http://www.acemyhomework.com/download.php?f=1936201090.pdf


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