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PLO 6 – Assignment
Human Relations Written Assignment
In typed writing format (APA writing guide) describe the nature, purpose, and importance of human relations in an organizational environment.
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In discussing the nature, purpose and importance of human relations in the organizational environment, there are many variables that can be included in that topic itself.  For instance, one of the purposes of human resources is to ensure fairness in equal pay for equal work, and so forth.
In an essay format, describe in detail (be specific) in answering the following three questions.  Do not repeat the questions in your writing, and do not number your answers.  Refer to your APA Guide for college academic writing in essay format.
1.      What is the nature of human relations in an organization?
2.     Identify / list a minimum of four reasons for the purpose of human relations.
3.     List six important factors why human relations must be in an organizational environment.
The essay is to include detailed answers to all three questions.  Your writing will be evaluated on content, completeness, and writing at the college level.

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