What might allow people to productively resolve that dissonance?

TextbookSocial Psychology Ninth EditionBy: Saul Kassin, Steven Fein & Hazel Rose MarkusRead Chapters 5 and 6TOPIC 1Research on the relation between religion and prejudice is well summarized by Gordon Allport: “The role of religion is paradoxical. It makes prejudice and it unmakes prejudice.” In your opinion, do you agree, and, if so, why might this be true?Read On Psychology of Prejudice, and explain your opinion. Who might be more prejudiced, one with intrinsic faith or one with extrinsic faith?TOPIC 2
Assume that an individual engages in behaviors that are in conflict with their stated religious beliefs, and they experience dissonance. What impact might this have on their beliefs? What might allow people to productively resolve that dissonance?1. On Psychology of Prejudice
Read, “On Psychology of Prejudice,” by Allport, from New World Encyclopedia.http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Gordon_Allport#On_psychology_of_prejudice
2. Test Yourself for Hidden Bias
Read “Test Yourself for Hidden Bias,” located on the Teaching Tolerance website.http://www.tolerance.org/supplement/test-yourself-hidden-bias


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