Bill Binder’s business nearly went under when Colorado almost passed the bottle bill. Binder’s Beverage produced soft drinks for many of the large grocery stores in the area. After the bottle bill failed, Binder’s Beverage flourished. In a few short years, the company had a major plant in Denver with a warehouse in east Denver. The problem was getting the finished product to the warehouse. Although Bill was not good with distances, he was good with times. Denver is a big city with numerous roads that could be taken from the plant to the warehouse, as shown in Figure. The soft drink plant is located at the corner of North Street and Columbine Street. High Street also intersects North and Columbine Street at the plant. Twenty minutes due north of the plant on North Street is I-70, the major east–west highway in Denver.,Street Map for Binder’s,Beverage Case,1. What route do yourecommend?


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