need 3 things: First write essay with following information: This exercise is intended to get you thinking about the details of a business idea. The business idea writeup should not exceed one page, single spaced, 1 inch margin, 12 point font, with student name in the header. This exercise will form an understanding as to which idea might become a real opportunity. You will also provide an elevator pitch (1 minute) in class. Submission of a well thought out idea will get you the full 5 points.
For the writeup due on Thursday, September 7th, try to answer the following questions:
What is the product or service?
What is the industry that you will compete in?
Where will you sell? Locally, Nationally or Internationally?
Who are your customers? Be as specific as you can be.
Why would the customers pay for your product and service? Why would they not get it from somewhere else?
What kind of people would you need to start a company with your idea?
What kind of monetary resources would you need? Give an estimate.Second answer the questions on the paper I will upload it the question that I meant answer it is questions to consider.Third: Write a summaries about the essay to present it I want it as a presentation for one minute like MAX 10 sentences. I want each thing in a different page.
I will upload the book to get the idea about it. You will find the object on chapter 4.the name of the book is Entrepreneurial Small Business 4th edition by Jerome A. Katz and Richard P. Green. I could not upload the file because the size.If you have any questions please let me know.
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