Which of the following characteristics is not true of most animal phyla?a. multicellular b. sexual reproduction c. heterotrophic d. possess a cell wallSea anemones and corals lacka. a sexual stage b. an asexual stage c. a polyp stage d. a medusa stageAccording to the binomial system of nomenclature, Rana in Rana catesbeiana refers to thea. species b. family c. genus d. classHydra reproduces asexually by means ofa. nematocysts b. buds c. gland cells d. gametes e. choanocytesAnimals which possess only endoderm and ectoderm are referred to asa. protostomes b. triploblastic c. deuterostomes d. diploblasticWhich of the following describes how members of the Phylum Porifera obtain food?a. autotrophs b. carnivores c. phagocytosis d. filtration (filter feeders)All known organisms in this group have two different types of nuclei within their cellsa. dinoflagellates b. ciliates c. euglenozoans d. cnidariansIn a typical cnidarian, food enters an opening to the digestive cavity and leaves bya. the anus b. the tentacles c. the same opening d. the bladderSessile organisms are usually nota. very good at swimming b. able to reproduce by themselvesc. able to remain in one place d. able to move around freelyIn deuterostomes, the mouth develops before the anusa. True b. FalseMembers of this group possess flattened vesicles stacked in a continuous layer below their plasma membranesa. Euglenozoa b. Alveolata c. Cnidaria d. NematodaCorals possess a protective skeleton composed ofa. sodium carbonate b. velum c. calcium carbonate d. calcium oxideA __________ is a visual representation of the evolutionary history of a group of organisms.a. clade b. histogram c. phylogeny d. outgroup_______________ structures-are similar to each other because of common descent. Bat wing and human arm.a. analogous b. homologous c. derived d. ancestral


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