why has strategic management become so important to today s corporations

Why has strategic management become so important to today’s corporations?
be assessed according to the following criteria:Does it answer the question that has been set?Does it begin with a clear introduction which sets the topic in itscontext, defines any concepts which are not in common use and outlinesthe structure of the argument?Is the main discussion well structured and logical in its approach?Does one point flow smoothly into another?Does the essay cover the relevant ideas, theories and concepts? Arethese ideas, theories and concepts outlined in sufficient detail anddoes this outline demonstrate that the writer understands the subject?Is all the material included germane to the discussion?Are comparisons made between different viewpoints where appropriate?Does the writer evaluate the ideas, theories and concepts he or she is using?Is evidence provided for all assertions made? Is the argument wellbalanced – i.e., does the author recognize that it is difficult tooffer a definitive viewpoint?Is there evidence of reading around the subject?Does the essay conclude by summarizing the argument, which has beenpresented? Is reference made back to the essay question at this pointto wind up the discussion?

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