Write a 3-4 page paper in which you deeply engage with a SPECIFIC PASSAGE from the work of

ONE of Elii Clare. As a developing gender theorist, how would you revise, explore, complicate, or

trouble the idea raised by the author in this passage? What new knowledge can you create in conversation

with your chosen source?

This is a version of paper number one, except now YOU are in conversation with an author, and the

format will not be a dialogue but, rather, a formal academic paper. You will not be impersonating your

source but incorporating their words and ideas into your essay following academic protocols of quoting,

paraphrase, and summary, all with appropriate citation. This assignment asks you to become a gender

theorist yourself, not just imitate one.

I will be looking for your complex thinking about the idea raised in your chosen passage. You might

begin by asking, Why does this passage hold my attention? Why prioritize it? What questions does it raise

for me? Why are those questions tricky, troublesome, or difficult to ask or answer? How does my source

answer them, and why is that answer not sufficient (and therefore why do I need to respond)?

To answer these questions, you will have to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your selected

passage as well as the larger essay in which it appears. What is the author’s thesis, evidence, and line of

reasoning? What is the relationship between your chosen passage and the overall essay? And most

importantly, how does your passage operate as an important site of intervention for your own



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