Essay is written by tutor but I got a 0. Can someone help me correct the mistake?
I will attach it here.
The teacher said: Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the prompt. Course texts only.
So that means, the tutor used outside references which are not okay. Only the required text. I can send more information once you have started. (some powerpoints discussed in class)
Argumentative Essay: (800-900 words) Write a clear, plausible, convincing argumentative essay which answers these two questions: 1. Is propaganda undermining democracy? Ought its use be limited by the people?
Required Text:

Our Declaration, Danielle Allen, — Use this text to define “democracy”

Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margins of Error, Schulz, — Use this to point out how the new propaganda exploits human cognitive biases

The Great Hack (Netflix) — Use this film text to get the facts to support or challenge the claim that the new propaganda IS undermining democracy

The teacher said: Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the prompt. Course texts only.


Thesis and preview/roadmap: Where are you going in this paper and why?

Define terms: “propaganda” and “democracy”

Facts: Use evidence [from the film] that propaganda is/is not undermining democracy to support your thesis.

Principles: What self-evident or universally consented to ideals, values, or ends will frame and support your conclusion about what citizens ought to do?

Consider and respond to those who might oppose your conclusion. (Principle of charity; Avoid strawman fallacy; Mitigate confirmation bias)

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