Please write a three page research paper based on the public health topic of second-hand smoke.
Format 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1 to 1.25 in. margins on sides, top and bottom)
Please pay attention to the rubrics I posted. Take care of terms that will cause any point deductions.
Paper must be organized into paragraphs with the following titles: (1) Public Health Problem; (2) How to Solve the Problem; (3) Public Health in the Future. The requirements are given below:
1. Public Health Problem:
Description and analysis of the specific PH problem.
Please include:
#1. Why does this problem exist in this society?
#2: How did this happen
#3: Where did this happen?
#4: What are the risks for the community in the future?

#5: What are/were the etiological factors?
2. How to Solve the Public Health Problem
Description of how the problem was solved and needs to be solved
Please include:
#1: Include specific 2 examples, such as public health intervention programs and public health
#2: Include 2 examples of how the problem was solved from other cultures/countries and from
history/from the past
3. Public Health in the Future
Discussion on how to prevent public health (PH) problem
Please include:
#1: Conclusion with justification from research literature: what should be done to prevent the
recurrences of the problem – give 2 examples
#2: Add your opinion on the PREVENTION of this PH problem in the future – give 2 examples

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