Write an argumentative essay around the concept of Variance and Standard Deviation in Statistics Applied to the discipline of nursing
1. Identify at least 5 text references or writings on these concepts
2. Identify at least 3 references of research in the nursing area that have used or applied this statistic in their designs. Remember that all quantitative research that is experimental or comparative (use of T or ANOVA tests) had to use them.
3. Integrate the information in a way that allows you to expose and argue about the meaning of these concepts, their usefulness and necessity in nursing research. Remember to integrate conceptually and in the sense of the APA model.
4. Remember that your presentation is to clarify to any reader about the relevance of these concepts in nursing research.
5. A literature review rubric is provided to guide the exhibition and attention to the criteria it contemplates.
6. You decide the total number of pages, but remember that it is not always better. The main thing is integration for clarity of exposure.
7. Print the abstract of each research used.
8. The investigations must be of nursing.
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Rubrics of Criteria to be considered in the Argumentative Essay
Knowledge and Understanding
Handles content with the information presented:
1. Truthfulness – uses valid and reliable information to support and support your arguments.
2. Depth and logic – manages the information in a complex way and establishes multiple interrelationships and connections between data; all its parts make sense together without contradictions.
3. Contribution – recognizes its contribution to knowledge / discipline and its impact to other contexts or scenarios, establishes connections between different sources of information.
4. Conclusions or closure – makes final and supported judgments based on the presentation of the information and its analysis performed on it.
Communication of the technical and ethical use of information
(Maximum Score: 30) Manage the sources of information used:
1. Credit to the sources of information consulted- cites adequately according to the APA Manual and the type of reference used (primary and secondary: theoretical and applied).
2. Demonstrate respect in the expression – shows respect for the arguments contrary to the main stated approach.
3. Variety of sources consulted – books, professional journals, research, reports, other. It integrates them appropriately in the arguments presented in the brief. Ponder the need for classic and current references. Establishes the need to integrate sources of various years of publication.
Communication and appropriate use of language
(Maximum Score: 20)
Handles formats related to writing:
1. Develop your writing in terms of: Grammar – corresponding to the level of graduate student.
Syntax – write or express in complete sentences and with coherence.
Vocabulary – uses academic, professional and technical vocabulary corresponding to the information presented.
2. The information in your writing is set out in the form:
Organized and fluent – includes introductory paragraphs, develops line of presentation / argumentation of the topic and closure.
It appropriately uses the structure of paragraphs and transitions or connectors that strengthen the direction of the exhibition.



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