I already have a good portion of the work down but I just really need some help with the rest of the assignment that is tough. Directions will be attached below with my paper that needs to be fixed, the actual source I have to use the information from and an example given by the teacher on what a great paper was and it is about Hello Kitty which may see odd but the way the paper was completed is what counts so use that as best as possible for the parts I have missing. This will make it easier and you will be able to notice what needs to be done right. Thank you and please just edit or use the Battlefield 4 essay attachment. These are just the main directions to be followed, Next, prepare a basic outline that shows how you understand the arrangement of the author’s main ideas, paragraph by paragraph. (I’ll provide some examples of what this might look like in class.) Following the ideas are given there, prepare paraphrases of three passages from the main body of the article you have chosen, each of which expresses a uniquely important, specific main idea in the article. The three passages should be between 100 and 200 words long in the original, and your paraphrase should not be longer than the original passages. Each of the three passages needs not is arranged as a single, complete paragraph in the original; the important thing is that the original passages represent a uniquely important, “main point” of the article as a whole. These paraphrases should (by definition) be written “in your own words”; direct quotation should be limited to, at most, only a few individual “keywords” or concise phrases that are essential to the author’s main idea. Direct quotation is not necessary, but if you must use it at all, it should not be more than ten percent (10%) of the total number of words in your paraphrase. Do not quote complete sentences from the original. After you’ve written your paraphrases, write an original paragraph in your own words that explains how all three of the specific ideas you’ve identified in your paraphrases contribute to the argument of the journal article as a whole. This paragraph should be about 200 words long


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