WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT:We read that there are seven contemporary perspectives/ approaches / theories in psychology; namely:
Biological, Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive, Evolutionary, Socio-cultural
Of the seven, pick two (2).
A ‘model’ submission to help you with your writing is placed in CANVAS – we will go over the rubrics (seen, below) and the ‘model’ submission in class.
#1. Define perspectives: Explain the two selected perspectives (10 or more lines for each perspective).
#2. Theorist background: Give a background of each of the two theorist’s perspectives which you’ve selected (10 or more lines for each theorist).
#3: Supporting research: Provide evidence of research that support the two selected perspectives (10 lines for each perspective)
#4. Analysis of targeted behavior: How do each of the two selected perspectives explain “drug use” (10 lines for each analysis)
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