You are required to act as a consultant for an organisation who has contracted you to provide your advice and recommendations on the choice and implementation of an information management system. The chosen area must be one covered in the module lectures and seminars this year e.g. BI, Enterprise IS, Social Media, E-business etc. You must present your findings to the organisation in the form of a 2000 word report, advising them on some of the potential choices and the key benefits for the organisation.More specifically we will expect you to advise the organisation on the following aspects:
• System design versus System Acquisition• Implementation issues involved• Management of the IS change• Global issues for consideration
You may choose the organisation that you do this work for, although you should discuss your choice with a tutor before starting your work. The organisation can be of any type and from any sector; public, private or voluntary, or an SME; and you may focus on a distinct area of the organisation if you so wish – such as sales, marketing, operations, strategic planning, disaster planning, command and control or other functional areas. You need to make this clear at the beginning of the report.
Your report must include critical evaluation of relevant theory to support the solutions you recommend and should therefore include reference to a wide range of sources, including academic journals and books, industry websites and white papers.


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