For this media analysis, you will analyze how one part affects the whole media production.Note that you should select only a single piece of media; you should not be discussing morethan one film, for example. You should choose one1 of the following parts to explore:Genre: Explain how the production you chose fits into its genre.Camera: Analyze how the camera’s use (camera angles, for instance) affects theoverall production.Lighting: Describe how lighting is used to enhance or detract from the production.Actors/Characters: Analyze how the actors OR the characters themselves enhance ordetract from the production.Symbols: Explain what the symbols are and how their usage affects the overallproduction.Music: Describe how the music enhances or detracts from the media production.Sound Effects: Analyze how the sound effects enhance or detract from theproduction.Special Effects: Explain what special effects are used and how they affect the viewingexperience.Comparison to a Literary Work: (Note: This option may only be chosen if the film youchose is also in print form.) How are the book and film similar? How are theydifferent? Which is better, and why?


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