You will respond in four paragraphs for this assignment. Paragraph 1: Summarize each of the videos.

For this assignment you will view the videos posted here about Master Data Management and read the attached document “Patient Identity Integrity A White Paper by the HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity Work Group” When reading the white paper pay close attention to the barriers cited and the recommendations for each topic. This assignment compares the views of how the system is designed to work and how the end users view it. Users = companies that create the IT side of the systems and end-users= represented by HIMSS work group.
The white paper is attached and the link is also provided here:
Master Data Management (MDM) for Healthcare
IBM Data Management Health Video

You’ll most likely note that the videos paint a good picture of how the process is supposed to work. Compare the information from the videos to the information about the barriers and recommendations in the white paper.
What you will turn in:
You will respond in four paragraphs for this assignment.Paragraph 1: Summarize each of the videos. Who, what, when, why, etc…
Paragraph 2: Select TWO topics from the white paper to compare the information from the videos. The topics are listed in the table of contents page in the white paper (Interfaces…through Barriers to Patient ID Integrity). Each topic includes barriers and recommendations. Analyze the information from the first topic you select. Summarize the topic and list the barrier(s) that you feel would impact the MDM the most. What recommendations are provided for the topic in the white paper? How does the information in the white paper compare to the information from the videos?
Paragraph 3: Do the same for the second topic you selected.
Paragraph 4: Summarize your experience completing this assignment. What was an ah-ha! moment for you? Why?
Submit your work in a Word document to this submission link.


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