1.Your firm is one of the last remaining manufacturers of bicycles in the United States. Z-Mart is a U.S. retail chain with nearly 1,000 stores in fifteen countries. Z-Mart has asked you to prepare a proposal for a large number of bicycles to be sold at discount prices under the Z-Mart brand name. They must have a U.S. retail price of no more than $100. Z-Mart would also like to sell these bikes through its stores in France and Italy in order to compete with the European bikes made in that market.
What factors would be taken into consideration in determining whether to assemble the finished bicycles in the United States, Taiwan, or the Philippines?
2.Identify a key concept or foundational theory from the first four weeks of class and in half a page discuss how it applies to your current work environment or a recent social, political or business event. Include the chapter and sub topic from your textbook.

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